The five rarest 50p coins revealed including Kew Gardens and Olympics

The Royal Mint has actually begun the countdown to the 50th anniversary of ‘D- day’. Not the World War II beach landing, that remained in 1944, but ‘decimalisation day’.

On 15 February 1971, UK coinage was reorganised into the way we understand today, with the old system of 12 cent in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound eliminated. Rather, a pound would deserve 100 cent, instead of 240, as it had before.

The UK was a little behind the curve on this, with Russia presenting a decimalised ruble in 1704 and the US in 1792, while a previous effort to do so in Britain stopped working in 1824.

The Royal Mint has actually launched a 50p coin to celebrate 50 years because the decimalisation of British coinage in February 1971

The Royal Mint has struck a commemorative 50p to mark the date, although the new style seven-sided coin was in fact launched two years previously and celebrated its 50th birthday in 1969.

Dazzling uncirculated, silver and golf proof variations are offered from the Mint’s site for ₤ 10, ₤ 57.50 and ₤ 1,100 respectively.

Endless numbers of the uncirculated version are available, while the Mint put 6,000 silver and 700 gold versions up for sale.

However, these coins are commemorative and will not go into blood circulation.

And although the 50p itself is a little older than decimalisation itself, given its intro as part of the same process, This is Money believed it would have a look at the 5 scarcest ones in flow ahead of the anniversary.

1. The 2011 alternative swimming 50p

No, it isn’t the Kew Gardens 50p. Contrary to what is typically thought, the 2009 coin regularly touted as the rarest around actually isn’t.

Rather that title comes from an alternatively created 50p which was supposed to be launched alongside 28 other coins ahead of the 2012 London Olympics– three of which likewise include in our top five.

The style really launched, and struck close to 2.18 million times, features a swimmer’s head clear of the water. However, before that an unknown number of alternative coins were minted prior to the design was dumped.

An unknown number of additionally designed swimming 50p coins, featuring the swimmer’s head underwater (left), exist and do cost big cash

‘ These ones were very first released through WH Smith and had the swimmer’s head covered in wavy lines representing water’, Philip Mussell, of Coin News publication, said. ‘When it was launched into general flow those lines had disappeared.

‘ There’s no firm mintage figures for that very first release version, only the total mintage figures for both variations of the swimming coin, but were you to shop one you ‘d be charged anywhere from ₤ 750 to ₤ 900.’.

On the other hand This is Money in August 2019 found one had actually sold on eBay for ₤ 590 after a 10 day auction including 47 bids.

A note on deficiency

While This is Cash has outlined the five rarest 50p coins and ranked them simply according to their mintage figures– how many of them there are– this does not always correspond to value. As we describe, the wrestling 50p is relatively less in need than some other Olympic coins which are actually more typical, while collectors looking to finish a set are likelier to pay more than a coin’s worth to get it. The coin website Modification Checker launches a ‘shortage index’ occasionally which instead lists coins by how in-demand they are among collectors. In its newest index, released last November, Kew Gardens topped the list, as it does the majority of the time, but it was followed by the judo and triathlon 50p coins, which obviously are more common than the fumbling and football ones.

2. The 2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

In silver medal position is another piece of silver struck ahead of Britain’s home video games.

This time released in 2009, it shows somebody vaulting the high jump high bar, and was created by nine-year-old Florence Jackson as the winning entry in a Blue Peter competitors.

Simply 19,751 were released very first time around, before 2.22 million more were struck two years later on.

An unique 50p showing the high jump was developed by nine-year-old Florence Jackson as part of a Blue Peter competitors – just 19,751 variations were struck in 2009.

Collectors require to ensure they’re buying the initial style if they’re paying over the chances, since Coin News’ ‘Invest It? Save It?’ puts the value of the 2011 version as just ₤ 2.

Nevertheless, the 2009 coin is valued at more than 60 times that at ₤ 125, while at one current eBay auction it went for ₤ 230 after 12 quotes, more than double the ₤ 100 starting price.

3. The 2009 Kew Gardens 50p

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it concerns coin collectors, the 2009 Kew Gardens is the rarest 50p around which was in fact minted a significant variety of times, although it was still struck simply 210,000 times.

The coin showing the Kew Gardens Great Pagoda was struck in 2009 to honor the gardens’ 250th anniversary.

That mintage only became widely known in late 2014, and is the primary reason the value of the coin removed. This is Cash charted its cost last year and found between 2009 and 2020 its value grew 2,733 per cent.

And the cost has grown more because. Philip Mussell put the cost at around ₤ 85 in 2015 however said it now sold for around ₤ 90 – ₤ 100.

The Kew Gardens 50p just ended up being extremely sought after when its rarity ended up being understood. The Royal Mint exposed just 210,000 were struck in 2014.

However obviously you can still find individuals happy to pay much more, with current auctions on eBay finding it the subject of bidding wars which have taken the final price to more than ₤ 150.

4. The 2011 football 50p

After the three podium places, ‘it gets a bit hazy’, Philip Mussell said. ‘There are no other 50p coins that frequently bring more than stated value simply because they were all produced in their millions.

The 2012 Olympics 50p shows explains the offside guideline, and is the rarest of all the 29 Olympic coins.

‘ There are rarer ones and they do offer on eBay and on dealer’s lists for more than 50p but only because somebody is trying to find that specific coin, they don’t regularly fetch big cash like the others though.’.

The very best of the rest Some of the other coins struck fewer than 2million times consist of: – The 2011 judo 50p– mintage of 1.16 million – The 2011 triathlon 50p– mintage of 1.16 million – The 2017 Sir Isaac Newton 50p– mintage of 1.81 million – The 2017 Royal Shield 50p– mintage of 1.8 million – The 2018 Beatrix Potter Flopsy Bunny 50p– mintage of 1.4 million.

However if you were to take a stab at it, the next rarest is the football 50p released in 2011 along with the 28 other London 2012 coins. It displays the offside rule, and was struck 1.125 million times.

While not specifically unusual by anybody’s estimation, the basic 50p a year later on had a mintage of 32.3 million by contrast.

‘ Invest It? Wait?’ gave it an approximated value of around ₤ 10, not substantial money but 20 times its face value, and some people are of course willing to pay more.

Current eBay listings have actually discovered it selling for ₤ 14.50, ₤ 14.65, ₤ 16.57 and ₤ 17.99, which all represent a little bit of a premium on that figure.

5. The 2011 wrestling 50p

Rounding out the leading 5 is another London 2012 coin, this time featuring the sport of wrestling.

With a mintage of 1.129 million, it is only fractionally more common than the football 50p.

Because of that, ‘Spend It? Save It?’ gives it the very same worth. Nevertheless, This is Money has regularly discovered the coin has actually been less popular amongst collectors than its more abundant peers.

In spite of being the 2nd rarest coin after the football 50p describing the offside guideline, the fumbling 50p sells for less online than some more common cousins.

Just recently sales have come in under this assessment, something of an unusual pattern amongst those who buy limited coins on eBay, with recent sales figures finding it has cost ₤ 8.99, ₤ 6.50, ₤ 8 and ₤ 6.10.

There hasn’t been a lack of bids, however collectors simply aren’t ready to pay that much for it.

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