Astrazeneca’s US Covid vaccine trial to resume

Astrazeneca’s large, late-stage US trial has been on hold since September 6 Astrazeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine trial in the United States could resume this week after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed of a serious illness. The large US trial has been on hold since September 6, after a …

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ALEX BRUMMER: Google is facing a reboot

The decision by the US Justice Department to embark on an anti-trust lawsuit against Google represents the most important such case in a generation. Indeed, some competition experts compared it to the interventions of Teddy Roosevelt, the president who moved against the monopoly of Standard Oil of New Jersey a …

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Savers plough cash into stocks and shares ISAs 

Business is booming for investment platforms as savers who stored up extra cash over lockdown flocked to the markets to put it to work. Investors piled into stocks and shares ISAs in the three months to June, to take advantage of a stock market rebound, and shunned rock-bottom savings rates. …

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